About the company

The highest quality of products

We are the socks manufacturer with 20+ years of experience. Our priority is to produce socks with highest quality starting from selecting only best yarns, through applying quality checks on each step of the production process till final packaging and storing. This allows us to provide our customers with comfortable and convenient socks. Thus we enjoy the trust of clients.

Variety of shapes and colors

Our offer consists of more than 30 type of socks, for instance:

-          Man’s elegant socks

-          Men’s sport socks (with 3 different length of shank)

-          Pressure-free socks

-          Frotte and half-frotte scoks

-          Ladies socks (with 3 different length of shank)

-          Occasional sock (e.g. Christmas)

-          Ladies and Men’s knee high socks

-          Children’s and Youth’s socks

-          Leg warmers

-          Ski socks

-          Bamboo socks (with 2 different length of shank)

-          Custom socks (e.g. with company logo)


All socks are manufactured in a variety of colors and designs. We also produce socks for individual customer, such as a company logo.  A detailed description of the various types of socks along with photos can be found in the "Products".


If you agree with the fact that socks are an important part of a dress and think that your feet deserve the appropriate treatment, we invite you to cooperate with us!